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  • Mario Günther

Residency at the Center for Advanced Studies of LMU Munich

This term I am Junior Researcher in Residence at the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) of LMU Munich. During my residency, I work on a theory of legal proof. The core idea is that legal proof should be tantamount to rational belief of guilt: a defendant should be found guilty in a court of law just in case it is rational to belief that the defendant is guilty. It remains to be seen whether my theory of legal proof will justify current legal practice, or rather call for its revision. I am looking forward to discuss my theory and its implications with leading experts on legal epistemology: Prof. Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University) and Prof. Michael Blome-Tillmann (McGill University). Let the term begin!

The current CAS Researchers in Residence: Siyi Chen (Psychology), Mario Günther (@Dr_MarioG, @LMU_MCMP, Mathematical Philosophy), LisbethMatzer (@LisbethMatzer, History), and Ingmar Saberi (Mathematical Physics). #CASResearcher

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